New SAFE-BioPharma Standards Create Identity Trust Ecosystem

April 21, 2017
Mollie Shields-Uehling

Mollie Shields-Uehling, President & CEO,
SAFE-BioPharma Association

Trust is the most valuable currency in business– most importantly in Internet interactions. It’s essential to be able to trust that the identity on screen truly represents who that person is. Usernames and passwords do little to assure true identity. When used by health care providers to access applications and electronic health records, they compromise what should be secure and leave it open to hacking and cyber theft.

Recently announced standards protect against cyber theft and hacking.  They support an Identity Trust Ecosystem in which all participants – relying parties, federation gateways, credential issuers, and solutions providers – meet common interoperable standards of identity trust aligned with US, EU, and other global technical and policy standards.

The Identity Trust Ecosystem standards were created by SAFE-BioPharma Association. They allow — for the first time — use of a single cyber identity that can access a broad range of partners and applications in health care and the life sciences without compromising security or patient data.

Here’s how it works: The single identity credential authenticates to participating applications. Every time the credential is used to access the application, the credential service provider verifies the identity of the credential holder and informs the other organizations involved in the process.

Participants in the new Identity Trust Ecosystem will have confidence that the identity of each individual requesting access to their applications has been strongly authenticated before access is provided. Importantly, this automated process eliminates inefficiencies and costs typically associated with identity authentication.


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